Friday, December 18, 2009

grandma goldie's coming to town!

dear emily,

shelby said that your parents are coming to town, and i can't
imagine how excited asa, phin, samara, and ilo are!  well,
actually, i can, because i lived and breathed for my grandma
goldie's visits.

if grandma calhoon was truth, then grandma goldie was grace.
between the two of them, i had a pretty clear picture of Jesus!
one taught me how to read the bible and live uprightly.  the
other showed me how to care for the poor and love the down

i have lost track of how many abandoned kitties and puppies she
took in or how many old ladies she visited at the nursing home.
it is shameful to me to remember that i never wanted to go with
her to wash and 'set' their hair, because i didn't like how they

i did love every other minute with her...sneaking the car out at
5:00 a.m. when i was five years old,  eating as much candy as
i wanted, reading as long as i wanted, even helping her clean
the rooms in her little motel.  it probably made her work take
longer with me tagging along, but we both enjoyed it so much,
we didn't care.

then, joy of joys, we got to take our coffee break at the motel
restaurant.  she let me have real coffee with lots of cream and
sugar . . . heaven!

at Christmas, all my siblings would get so excited to anticipate
what santa might bring them.  i was more interested in  how
long grandma goldie could stay.  when i was only four i sat on
the curb and cried for the longest  time because i realized we
only had one more day...

i wish i still had one more day,


Single and Sane said...

Your last line made me cry - no fair!

Grandmothers are magical, aren't they? One of God's best gifts!

myletterstoemily said...

i was bawling like a baby when my dad delivered some pears. he never knows what will happen here!

yes...magical, in a spiritual sort of way :)

Unknown said...

I miss my grandmothers so much!!! One of my grandmothers was being robbed and she offered them several more things they could take with them!

myletterstoemily said...

ha ha! what a dear!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother lived with my family for 15 yrs. She instilled in me a love for the elderly and the realization that they have a wealth of wisdom and love that will be in my heart forever. I too wish for one more day with grandma. We will have eternity.

Megan said...

That one makes me think of my Great Grandma Gritz. She was the sweetest soul I think I've ever known. So patient and loving. She past away in our home when I was 9. We had moved her in to take care of her. I am so thankful my parents did that. We were able to spend so much time with her at the end.

One day I will see her again and I can't wait to see he sweet face.