Thursday, March 11, 2010

the emily goes to...

one of my angels gave me the best advice that i just cannot
seem to follow: "mom, you need to hold back on those posts
to once a week.  no one really wants to read more than that."

as karen says, "i love her like the daughter i had committed
against her will."

this is not a post but a tiny thank you to the lovely people
who have encouraged my pitiful attempts at logging.  ha!

to visit their gorgeous, witty, and reflective blogs, just look
for their comments in one of my past postings.  they each
visit and comment daily, for which i am very grateful.

margaret:  your witty and perceptive writing has inspired
each post i make.  you have easily earned the right to be
called my 'nanablog.'

vee:  i have learned a great deal from your magnanimous
and gently encouraging nature.  when you linked to me in
january it gave me the boost i needed to find my way.

joan elizabeth: you are my scarecrow, a woman of few
words, each deliberately chosen to express wisdom,
strength, and grace.

emily:  thank you for being such a Godly inspiration to
my girls and for your four (five) precious little ones who
we adore!

but the winner is:   HANS, who runs a standard & poor
500 company but believes i am doing the most important
job in the world.

who asks questions like, "did you read max's email, isaac's
text, shelby's application, sunday's paper, and hailey's
facebook message?"

. . .  and who never says, "no" to me.  :)


"i have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering
you in my prayers."  ephesians 1:16