Thursday, April 1, 2010

mr. z

in our fair city there is a kind and generous 93 year old man,
named mr. z.  he has donated millions of his hard earned dollars
to our impoverished school districts, hospitals, mental health
facilities, and libraries.

my father in law, who is 87, has lunch with him at 11:30 every
wednesday at snow fork restaurant.  their lifelong friendship is
based on mutual respect and affection.  

"well,  mr. z., what are you having today?"

"i'll just have whatever you're having."

and then they will share a steak sandwich.  something about
the contentment in their tradition melts my heart.  the next bit
of conversation goes like this:

"well, mr. z., the kids at the local elementary school need a
new gym floor.  should we help them out?"

"i'll just match whatever you give."

my father in law is a committed Christian, and mr. z. is a
devout jew, but that has never hindered this sweet friendship
one dash.   the disparate countries of the world could learn a
thing or two from these wise men.

yesterday, i was greeted at my front door with a gorgeous
easter lily.  mr. z. sends one every year.

i hope our children catch the spirit of their generosity.


"honor the Lord with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all
your crops . . . " proverbs 3:9