Tuesday, June 1, 2010

moonlight farewell

the orchestra serenaded us with 'moonlight sonata', the soft glow
of candlelight winked at us, and the delicate pink dogwood
branches bowed to us from tall crystal vases.

excited conversation peppered the ballroom like champagne
bubbles, for this was a joyous occasion celebrating the season's
young debutantes.  the two most precious ones belonged to us.

my brother in law bemoaned the fleeting childhood of our daughters,
and i took a sip of water to give myself a moment to blink back hot
tears.  one minute, we are their world, and the next, the world is their
oyster. . . and we are just the sand.

having passed through this valley four times before, though, i tried to
comfort us both with the knowledge that while the pulling away is
painful, it makes the reunion sweeter.


"do not hide your face from me when i am in distress."
psalm 102:2