Tuesday, August 24, 2010

want to live a happy, fulfilled life?

dear emily,

did you know that many studies have shown that people are much
happier, healthier, and live longer if they do just one little, fun thing?

sing in a choir!

singing requires steady aerobic breathing which oxygenates the
bloodstream and releases those 'feel good' endorphins we all know
and love.  the same ones released from eating chocolate but without
any of the calories.

in fact, consistent prolonged singing is great exercise, working the
heart, lungs, back, and abdomen.  i typically lose two - four pounds
during the Christmas season from the additional rehearsals and per-
formances of the season.

for those of you, natasha!, who like to celebrate Christmas longer,
singers begin enjoying the lovely Christmas music in august!

choir members experience sweet camaraderie from the challenge of a
new and difficult song.  we laugh at our hilarious mistakes, and our
spirits soar when we have learned to sing the music as beautifully as
we had hoped.

even the shyest of creatures cannot be lonely in a choir, because the
esprit de corps automatically enfolds everyone.

this lovely lady is 84 years old and sings like an angel.  she's also
sitting by an angel.


"i will sing of the Lord's great love forever."  psalm 89:1