Thursday, January 6, 2011

a united front

dear emily,

i know very little about the art of war but, having seen some great
war movies, understand that a united front is essential to victory.
my experience in battle was for the lives of my teenagers, and a 
reason for our success was hans' and my arms linked side by side
as a kryptonite shield.

one of my favorite sayings during those 14 years was, "it's a great
thing that hans and i still love each other, because sometimes, we
are the only ones in our house who do!"

those adolescents were slippery and stealthy.  they could turn our
words back on us with greater skill than the wiliest  defense
attorney.  they had the ability to slip through windows, leap tall
buildings, hear through walls,  and exert superhuman control
over facial muscles.  they also exhibited enhanced speed (only
in automobiles), endurance, and stamina to stay up all night.

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AND they discovered our greatest weakness.  we cared.  we
actually cared for those teenage earthlings.

which, of course, was one of our secret weapons.


"there is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear . . ."
1 john 4:18