Monday, July 25, 2011

i read like most men

as i was enjoying the company of my extended family, we began
discussing the books we were reading.  to my dismay but not 
surprise, i didn't care much about the books the ladies were 
reading.  i can't name a single nicholas sparks' character.

the men, however, were reading all my favorite living authors.
we were soon debating which hollywood actor could possibly 
fill the shoes of mitch rapp, vince flynn's action hero.   daniel 
craig was my favorite, brad pitt being too feminine, george 
clooney too not sean connery, and liam neeson a little too big.

while we were extolling  the amazing feats of mitch rapp, i was
secretly thinking about jack reacher, lee child's giant hearted and
sized protagonist.  liam neeson, of course!

i have learned a great deal from jack reacher.  as my family was
elevating the eiffel tower, i whispered the "12 ways to identify a
terrorist."  i also know now that it is better to "say nothing," and
if you have to fight more than one bad guy at a time, "identify the
ringleader, the one who does all the talking.  hit him first and
hard.  the others will think twice."
if you're worried that i am fantasizing about a fictional hero, you
are dead wrong.  i want to BE him.

what did you say???


"be strong and courageous.  do not be terrified;   do not be
discouraged, for the Lord thy God is with you."  joshua 1:9

Saturday, July 9, 2011

light and shadow

dear emily,

as  i watch the dark shadows steal across the valley, i'm tempted
to assign them a malignant motive.  their corresponding clouds
might 'rain on' my lupine trail hike.  on the other hand, they could
bring sweet relief from the penetrating sun.  

i can understand God as light but often struggle with the shadow

do you remember baby jessica, the 18 month old who fell into
an eight inch well?  she spent two days in that dark shaft, while
the rest of the world watched in horror.  at one point her only
hope was from a man born without collar bones.  his question
"why was i born like this?" was answered by a baby girl.

were his frameless shoulders light or shadow?

many turn from their Creator, because they cannot reconcile
tragedy with His sovereignty or mercy.   why do bad things
happen to good people?  i certainly don't know, because i wasn't
there when He "laid the earth's foundation. . . while the morning
stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy." (job 38)

i cringe and cower at life's dark moments but have found that
questioning the Lord's motives to be futile.  that approach seems
childlike to philosophers and wise men, but from my baby eyes i
have seen and learned wondrous things.   the shadows are often
my place of refuge.  (psalm 91)