Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the art of simplification

last night as i went through my mental prayer list i thought, "if i can't
remember all the people who have requested prayer, then i have let too
many into my life."

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i don't even know if i agree with that, but in my exhaustion it made
sense.  if someone is not important enough to recall them in my
prayers, then i shouldn't have let them think i would pray.

the tricky part is that i now have as many friends here, that i have
never seen, as i do in my day to day life.  last night as we were putting
groceries away, i heard myself say, "my friend joan posted the most
beautiful photo of a budding flower that looked just like a candle to
celebrate her anniversary."

hans didn't say it, but i know he thought, "does she have a friend
named joan?"

"yes!  she lives in australia, and i visit her almost every day."

i was starting to sound like our daughter hailey, who when three
had imaginary friends named sarah and ashley.   ashley smoked
cigarettes!  :)

my point is that i am going to be more purposeful in my visiting
and praying . . . and promise of praying.  then i won't feel guilty
at night for perhaps forgetting someone.  i will just be convicted
of all the other terrible things i do!


"let my prayer be set forth as incense before You, the lifting up
of my hands as the evening sacrifice."  psalm 141:2