Saturday, February 6, 2010

thriving families

dear emily,

whenever i had to run errands with all the kids, i tried to do
it at 11:00, because focus on the family aired "adventures in
odyssey".  i enjoyed the hilarious and heartwarming stories
as much as they did and errands became fun.

here are focus on the family's "five easy ways to help your
family thrive":

1.    eat cell phones.

2.    play together - games, sporting events, movie nights,

3.    attend church and pray together.

4.    invest in your kids - with your TIME, helping with
       homework, cooking together, shooting baskets, etc.

5.    know where your kids are and know their friends.

to be perfectly honest, the last one was the most difficult and
the source for most of our teenager heartaches.  once they hit
a certain age, it was tricky piloting those waters.  thankfully,
though, we seem to have sailed through them safely.

we have never claimed to be good parents, but we do believe
in some great principles in raising kids.  one of our chief joys
is the loving and respectful relationship we enjoy with them.

speaking of focus on the family, they're airing a commercial
at the superbowl, featuring quarterback tim tebow and his
brave mom.  they will share her decision to not abort him.

they seem to be a good example of a thriving family.  bet she
can't imagine life without him.


revelation 4:11 "the Lord created everything for His good pleasure."