Friday, March 12, 2010

a leprechaun for sunday

dear emily,

we have been fervently praying for our daughter, sunday,
this term while she has been studying abroad, but we could
never have imagined the variety of ways the Lord would
show His love for her.

while spending a few extraordinary days on the canary
islands, she was splashed by a swimmer in the pool.

"i beg your pardon, my dear darling lassie!" said the
musical irish voice.

sunday was pleased to see the twinkly blue eyes that came
with the apology and assured him splashing didn't bother her
at all.  he remarked that she had a verra' american accent.

after an entertaining and amusing conversation, the elderly
irishman said, "good health to you and a pleasant sleep."

the next morning while enjoying her tropical fruit by the
seaside, she heard a now familiar voice asking,  "now,
would you be thinking me too forward if i asked to join
you for breakfast?"

seeing his book of mark, sunday exclaimed,  "i just was
reading in mark!"

"well now, and maybe i should be telling you, sure,  that
i just was saying a prayer for you in mass, wasn't i?"

as they were saying their farewells, he said, "the funny
thing about life is you often end up saying goodbye more
than once."

i wonder if he has a grandson her age?


"do not forget to offer hospitality to strangers...for through
it some have entertained angels."  hebrews 13:2