Thursday, March 25, 2010


dear emily,

what was life like before iphones?  i'm trying to remember
my loved ones' faces,  as i mostly just see the tops of their
heads now.

my worship pastor asked me if i had one, and i quickly
responded, "no way!  everyone i know who has one, gets
married to it!"  i didn't know i felt that strongly until that
popped out of my mouth.  poor guy was just going to invite
me to play 'words with friends'.

that's what my sweet husband was playing . . . during the
church service last week. . . with my daughter!  i wanted
to raise my hand and tell on them.  :)

i have found iphone messages in the morning from young
mommies, "well, here i am nursing my baby at 3:00 in the
morning."  seriously? when i was a new mommy, i stumbled
into the nursery in the middle of the night barely opening my
eyes.  i used to pray that i wouldn't fall out of the rocker.

remember when everyone had carpal tunnel disease from
spending so much time at the computer?  well, i'm afraid
there is going to be a new more threatening disease, called
carpal iphonal.

the left hand will freeze in a clawlike state and become
useless for any other task than holding an iphone.

it will be up to those few non-iphoners to care for the rest
of the world.  thankfully, though "many are the afflictions
of the righteous, the Lord delivers him out of them all."  
(psalm 34:19)

call me,