Monday, February 25, 2013


dear emily,

teenagers . . . did everybody get a little jolt at that word?  or at least a
tiny shiver?   oh, the power of a terrifying image.   forget "the walking
dead," how much scarier would "the multiplying teenager" be?

i remember watching disrespectful, mouthy teenagers in movies when
my angels were under ten and saying, "my children will never talk like
that."  i also thought that i would never be 'that' mom.    you know, the
one who morphs from june cleaver to joan crawford.

and the oscar for the most horrifying mom on the planet goes to . . .

if i could do it all over, which i can't, i would train up those bandits just
the way i did BUT not have a conniption fit when they strayed outside
the lines.    i would mete out a just consequence and say, "you're
smarter than this, but i still love you.   now go make me a martini."


"when the Lord brought back the captives to zion . . . our mouths were
filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy."   psalm 126:1, 2


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

squirrely stuff

my dog, jack, was barking his fool head off.
"squirrel! squirrel!!  squirrel!!!"

i'm not sure if it's the same squirrel who torments
him morning, noon, and night, but i would like
to thump him.  

yesterday, the pesky varmint frittered across our
swimming pool on top of the net.  i think he was
daring jack to come get him.   had jack not been
such a wise dog, he would have bounded out, and
sunk through the net.

i'll be danged if i let a squirrel kill my dog.


ps.   "it's the little foxes who kill the vines."  song of solomon 2:15

Friday, February 1, 2013


dear emily,

i have done many foolish things but right at the top of that list is getting
eyelash extensions.   just saying it makes me feel stupid . . . but they
looked SO beautiful.   instead of waking up to look like the palm of my
hand, i glided out of bed as princess kate.

unfortunately, those silly lashes had to be repaired every TWO weeks
which took about TWO hours.    as punishment for the sin of vanity,
my real-life puny lashes all fell out.

the princess turned into a frog.

it only took TWO months for my lashes to grow back, just long enough
to teach me a lesson.    if God had wanted me to have gorgeous, long
eyelashes, He could have made me be a cow. . . which is still better
than a frog.


ps.   "vanity, vanity, all is vanity!"   ecclesiastes 1:2