Friday, July 23, 2010

snakes on a plane!

dear emily,

this is a "sabbath" repost for the weekend.

remember the commercials for the movie, "snakes on a plane?" i don't
know anyone who actually watched it, but i have lived it.  most anyone
who has flown with a baby understands just what i mean.

the fear rises as you stumble down the entry ramp toward the cabin
door.  you smile nervously (with your ticket between your teeth) at the
skinny young flight attendant who is not happy to see you carrying your
15 pound baby, his 25 pound diaper bag, dangling his pacifier from your

you are praying that your seatmate is an understanding and helpful mom,
maybe even your own mommy. . .


 . . . but, instead it is a pair of bifocals, glaring at you.  the expensive
pinstripe suit and snakeskin shoes defy you to disturb the very important
work being done on their laptop.

your sweet baby is picking up on your increasing stress and is already
getting a little fussy and hungry.  the thought of nursing him with an
uptight executive sitting next to you, makes you want to wean him.

then, horror of horrors, your precious baby throws up all over mr.
reptile shoes, who hisses with displeasure.

your baby, however, is now content and sleepy, and you no longer
care about any snakes on the plane.


"can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion
on the child she has borne?  though she may forget, I will not forget
you!"  isaiah 49:15