Tuesday, May 7, 2013

make way for goslings

dear samara,

several weeks ago a gaggle of geese descended upon the 'island' by
our lagoon.   their graceful long necks and soft grey feathers were
beautiful.   i thought that surely swans could not be lovelier and was
sad when they flew away.   hans said that he wouldn't miss all the

we were strolling along the grounds last night and noticed two of the
geese had remained with a surprise.   six surprises!   can you guess?
yep, six fluffy grey goslings.   they reminded me of your baby chicks
but with longer necks, and i haven't heard any chirping.

google image

today they walked up the big hill and around all ten acres.   can you
imagine?   their little legs must have been so tired.   i followed them
down to the lagoon, while the goose (mommy) and the gander (daddy)
took turns watching me.   i wished you were with me to see how cute
the goslings were, imitating everything their mom and dad did.

i hope that if i visit them a few times each day and leave them a present
of bread crumbs, then maybe they will let me get closer.   what if the
geese return every year?   then i might call myself a grandgoose.

miss you,

"the birds of the sky nest by the waters . . . "  psalm 104:12