Friday, February 25, 2011

the queen's speech

dear emily,

after enjoying the excellent movie, the king's speech, i kept
thinking about the positive influence of the queen.  her commit-
ment was inspiring, as she continued to drag her charming but
stammering husband to one speech pathologist after another.
does her loving perseverance  save the king's speech and rally
a nation?  if your history is shaky, you must watch the movie!

when i was a young bride i heard a teaching entitled, 'the power
of a woman to influence for good or evil.'  it stunned me, since i
had never thought much of my influence.  i was more concerned
with my tan in those days.

every woman from eve to deborah and jezebel to mary has
leveraged her influence toward the grievous or the worthy.  my
tally score is not as praiseworthy as i wish.  last night at dinner i
grumbled to my husband against a loved one instead of gently
urging him with kinder speech. . . the queen's speech.


"whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, lovely,
and admirable . . . "  philippians 4:8

for the brave of heart:  1 kings 19:2