Thursday, January 20, 2011

the pioneer man

my 26 year old son has poked fun at our fascination with the
pioneer  woman.  he just doesn't get how we could be so taken
with this 'luci' in 'green acres' persona but last week called to
tell me that he was the pioneer man.  ?

after his friend's mom had a major surgery, my SON made them
spaghetti using the pioneer woman's recipe.  my mouth fell open
in wonder.  this basketball playin', law school attendin', pioneer
woman deridin' son of mine?

i thought i might have a little fun with this . . .

"dear pioneer man,

my biscuits never turn out light and fluffy as my husband likes
them.   could you please tell me what in the world i'm doing

-an ardent fan"

google image

he responded . . .

"Dear fan,

Thanks for your trust.   Since I don't know exactly what you are
doing,  I cannot provide precise instructions.  But make sure to
use lots of butter and even a little dab of honey.

Remember, great cooks are not born----they are made.  Whatever
you do, keep on cooking!

Best of luck,
Pioneer Man"

now here's my final question.  why is he using the pioneer
woman's recipe and not mine?


" . . . but man does not live on bread alone but on every word that
comes from the mouth of the Lord."  deuteronomy 8:3