Sunday, January 22, 2012

i don't like to cook

my middle daughter and i are completely hooked on the show
'breaking bad.'  i know i should be ashamed because of the bad
language and adult situations, but the characters and plot are
just so good.

in the drama, walter, the high school chemistry teacher, discovers
he has a gift for 'cooking' which is a gift i do not have.  i'm a
terrible cook.  the aforementioned daughter thinks it's because i
just don't like to do it.

something else i don't like is to answer this question, "did you
cook this?"  it feels like a loaded one.   the implication being "did
you buy this and try to trick us into thinking you actually made it?"
or "if you cooked it, i would rather have a peanut butter sandwich,

i would prefer to be asked for the recipe.  if i didn't make it, i will
happily refer my guest to the caterer.  if i did make it,  it would
thrill the socks off me.

"you want my recipe?"


"i have food to eat that you know nothing about."  john 4:32