Saturday, April 17, 2010

"help, i need somebody! help, just anybody!"

dear emily,

now that you are so happily anticipating the arrival of precious baby
#5, i want to beg you to consider the possibility of getting some help.

isaac's sophomore year in high school included two basketball teams,
many honors classes, along with loads of school and church activities.
shelby, who was a freshman, enjoyed the pom squad,  even more
honors courses, and every school and church activity.

max, sunday, and hailey (6th, 5th, and 4th grades) were involved in
basketball, cheerleading, ballet,  missions trips, church, etc.

i was in way over my head, couldn't physically transport everyone to
their various activities, prepare healthy meals,  help with honors chem,
pre-ap trig, honors english, science projects,  and then attend all the
basketball games, etc.

enter the calvary in the form of the loveliest, most intelligent, well
rounded young lady, named aubrey!  she was a sophomore at one of
our local universities, and she saved my life by chauffeuring, tutoring,
shooting baskets, giving fashion advice, making the most adorable
valentines, and doing anything legal that i needed.

to say that we adore her is an understatement, and last week, to our
delight, we were able to visit her in germany to see her adorable baby
girls and handsome husband.  while enjoying a yummy german meal,
she exclaimed, "can you believe it was nine years ago i sat in your
kitchen wondering what in the world i had gotten myself into?"

can i remember each anesthesiologist who administered the epidural
before my babies' births?  oh yeah.


"bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law
of Christ."  galatians 6:2