Thursday, January 21, 2010

sunday lane

dear emily,

twenty years ago hans and i were anticipating the arrival of our
fourth baby.  since we knew it was a girl, we were throwing
around names and fell in love with 'sunday lane', after my cousin
lane.  little did we know that the lovely name would so perfectly
suit our precious daughter!

she was born with such a thick head of hair that the nurses fought
over her.  school teachers, piano teachers, sunday school teachers,
and basketball coaches have been slugging it out ever since.

the angelic blue eyes, long blonde hair, and sweet nature were
always at odds with her eagerness to keep up with her two big
brothers, who were basketball fanatics.

when she was four, hans took her with him to the barbershop.  the
men were so enchanted, that they interrupted their discussion about
college basketball to pat her on the head and ask if her daddy ever
took her to the games and who she wanted to win.

"well, if 'big country' can keep up his inside game and corey hit his
three's, OSU should win... but somebody needs to be able to drive the

yep, that's my girl!


"don't let anyone look down on you because you are young..."
(or blonde.)   I timothy 4:12

teaching little boys

dear emily,

i have had several moms fretting about their little boys and school.
it is really so unfair that most schools are geared toward little girls,
who delight in slipping into their seats, arranging their pencils
neatly in the tray and their books beneath.

little boys, on the other hand, view their classrooms as auschwitz
death camps, and those same desks as torture chambers.  the only
redeeming grace is that the desk makes an excellent drum for the

mrs. hitler, unfortunately,  does NOT allow any drumming,
tapping, whistling, or paper throwing.  the children must walk in
straight lines, not touching their neighbors, to the exercise yard,
where no pushing, pulling, or wrestling is tolerated.

School Kid

when your little one comes home, however, you can let him
run and play until his heart's content.  after he has worn himself
out, spend a very short time teaching him, and a very long time
reading to him about every adventure you can find.  make sure
he is snuggled in tight, as that is the only confinement he loves.


ps.  i'm sure many boys have cried out, "save me, o God, for the
waters have come up to my neck!"   psalm 69:1