Thursday, February 18, 2010

lenten season

dear emily,

many believers fast or give up something for lent.  when hailey
was five or six, she told an elder in our church that she was
fasting dark chocolate.  she hated dark chocolate.

it's not an altogether bad idea to fast what we hate: lies, gossip,
unkind thoughts or deeds, self pity, list could go
on for a while.

the trouble with that, though, is "what you focus on, increases."
i stole that from andy andrews' book,  "the noticer."

i respect those who sacrifice at this time when we consider the
Lord's 40 days in the wilderness and His crucifixion.  it shows
an empathy for His suffering, that we take for granted.

instead of sacrificing for lent this year, however, i am going to
lean.  lean on His words, His love, His laying down of His life,
and on His everlasting arms.

i would love to hear what you are doing at this sacred time.


"what thou, my Lord, hast suffered
was all for sinners' gain;
mine, mine was the transgression,
but Thine the deadly pain."