Monday, July 5, 2010

i love a parade!

i have enjoyed visiting many of your fourth of july celebrations
and have a few photos of our very busy day.

the day before, shelby and hailey made 'puppy chow' to snack
on during the fireworks.

we started out the 4th with a sweet worship service at our little church,
"oh be joyful" then moved onto the town's colorful parade.
our best friends saved us perfect seats to watch the festivities.

       the crowds filled the street from one end of town

to the other, where you can see mount crested butte.

all the parade prerequisites were in place:

army! air force! navy! marine! 




and men with 25 foot long skis.  :)

i kept thinking of the verse, "now rejoice in the Lord always,
and again i say, rejoice!"  phil. 4:4