Sunday, May 6, 2012

bad hair day?

my husband and i went to an outdoor party a few evenings ago.   i sort of
hated it and sort of liked it.   the hate part was the hot part.   how in the
world was i supposed to fix my hair to endure a warm and muggy wind?

this led to the like part:  i didn't.  i just let it be curly and didn't try to
tame it, but i saw dozens of women wrestling with their beautifully coiffed
locks.   it was painful to see the grimaces of despair as long manes whipped
across pretty faces, dragging red lipstick in their wake.  the poor ladies
didn't have a chance.

if it had been a basketball game this was the score:
hair    76
ladies   0

i think of my hair like my husband.  i have influence, but it has a mind of
its own.


"a relaxed attitude lengthens a man's (woman's) days."  proverbs 14:30