Monday, October 22, 2012


dear emily,

ok, back to our trip!   we flew from florence to london, landing just 20
minutes after our youngest and her best friend.   hailey and hunter were
a little wobbly after their transatlantic coach flight.   while i was jabbering
excitedly about italy, hailey closed her eyes for a second and then fell
dead sleep in a nanosecond.

our hotel was beautiful, but the girls' room was not ready, so they crashed
on our bed.   while they were snoozing (snoring), the receptionist called
to say she would like to treat the girls to a penthouse suite, at no extra

hunter & hailey in our normal room

hans put his hand over the phone and asked, "have you ever heard of a girl
named bianca or reanna?"


apparently, she had stayed in the same 'room' a few days before.   if you
don't know who that is, google her.   that's what hans had to do.  :)

hunter and hailey in a rihanna sized room

so, imagine two 20 year old college students, accustomed to yucky dorm
rooms, peeking into the magnificence of a penthouse, accustomed to rihanna.
there was a lot of squealing, i can tell you.   then the doorbell rang, and we
met their personal BUTLER.

here's a little tour.   london will have to wait until next time.

75 white roses in the entry hall

breakfast room

strategizing in the sitting room

hailey claimed the shower

rooftop view of their city for ten weeks

good grief.


"now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more that all we ask
or imagine . . . "  ephesians 3:20