Saturday, June 12, 2010

take #28,973 on the oil spill

when i wrote 'to spank or not to spank' i went to bed with a sleep
chasing foreboding.  i think this piece is the one that will exile me
from blogland, though.

after the catastrophic '95 oklahoma city bombing, the desolation of
innocent life was boundless.  we could not wrap our minds around
the idea of retribution against babies and young children.

we heard heroic stories of the rescue dogs looking for victims, who
became so easily disheartened that their trainers would have to hide
their buddies in the rubble to be found.  this bolstered the dogs' hope.

emergency workers came from all over our great nation to help 'dig'
our state out of its misery.  these wonderful men and women were
greeted with the best 'chicken fry', apple pie, and hot coffee, saying,
in turn, that they had never met kinder, more grateful people.

we were very grateful.  i don't remember hearing bitter judgments
being shouted, but we certainly wanted justice, and after too many
years, the perpetrators received it.

this bp oil spill is different.

no one intentionally sought to hurt anyone.  unfortunately, too many
bad decisions were made, and now our gulf has been polluted.  the
loss of life, the inability of fisherman or even oilmen to work, and
the consequences to our lovely gulf are all devastating.

how did this happen?

one poor decision after another.  just like the ones i make everyday.
some of mine can have terrible consequences, too, by inadvertently
hurting those i love or don't even know.  have they ever caused the
desolation of an entire ecosystem?  probably not, but i would not
be one bit surprised if they did.

i can understand the outcry against the oil industry by our country
and the world but not by those who have been saved by His grace.
"there but for the grace of God, go i."  (john bradford)


ps.  on a much more serious note,  sunday lane is #5!!!!