Friday, April 23, 2010

You Never Let Go - song by Matt Redman

sometimes life is so hard that we don't think we can cope.  this
song reminds me that even if i want to let go, He never does.


ronda roush studios

one of the most precious gifts shelby received before her wedding
was created by my incredibly talented friend, ronda.  she has been
designing and painting limoge china for years and has her treasures
requested by boone pickens, governor's wives, and sororities on
gazillions of campuses.

you can view her gorgeous designs on her web page, ronda roush

after studying shelby's exquisite bernardaud 'au jardin' pattern and
the accompanying adorable anne weatherley polka dot design, ronda
created a china tea set with her new initial to match.  hailey took
these lovely photos, as i am photographically challenged.

ronda is such a treasure!  in addition to her painting and designing
skills, she is also an accomplished pianist and composer, whose
tremendous desire to worship blesses our church every sunday.

sometimes she accompanies me, and we have a blast, though we have
a small hurdle to jump.  she has practically lost all her hearing, and i
have a terrible sense of time, which makes us musically challenged. 
please pray for her, because very soon she is having an experimental
procedure to restore her hearing!  there is no hope for me.  :(

although she creates the most beautiful things, she is really cherished
because she always "displays the incorruptible beauty of  a gentle and
quiet spirit."  1 peter 3:4