Friday, October 12, 2012

the intruder

dear emily,

it's been a while since i told you a good 'max' story, and there is no
shortage of them.   he is our 24 year old middle child, the one i used to
tell, "if you weren't so cute, i would kill you!"

when he was seven we were visiting his grandparents at a sleepy resort
of octagenarians.   besides the atlantic ocean, every corner was as safe
as sunday school.   one afternoon, i sent my little dennis the menace up
to our room on the third floor (306) to grab some beach towels while i
waited in the lobby with his two little sisters.

after longer than i would have imagined, he returned white as a sheet.
apparently he had accidentally gone to the second floor (206), barging
into the wrong room.   instead of our mountain of swimsuits and tennis
shoes,  he ran into two elderly ladies.

never doubting himself, he asked, "what are you guys doing in my
room . . . in your slips?"

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"do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so some have
entertained angels without knowing it."  hebrews 13:2