Thursday, August 19, 2010

office or homeless shelter?

dear emily,

having just been in your immaculate, beautifully designed home that
serves as the backdrop for four vibrant, imaginative, young children,
i was ashamed to come home to my disarrayed dwelling.   i have no
little ones running around leaving shoes, socks, crayons, or tea party
accessories, and therefore have NO excuse for my mess.

i'm afraid that I am the mess.

here is the proof.  do not be fooled by the facade.  those sweet cows
are covering a multitude of sins.  don't you just love their precious
faces . . .

now that i have fortified my resolve with a hearty helping of straw-
berry shortcake, i am going to dive into that homeless shelter and
throw away, give away, or file away my mess.

i LOVE when my blogger friends reveal their before and after pics,
so here are mine.  please don't judge me . . . pray for me!  in a day
or two, i will reveal THE NEW ORDER!


"she watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat
the bread of idleness."  proverbs 31:27