Friday, May 21, 2010

there's something niggling around in my brain.  it's so empty in
there, it's more like a rattling, really.

a couple of months ago, i wrote about warning kids of the dangers
in hanging with the cool kids, and someone commented that the
cool factor is in blog land, too.  at first i thought she was kidding,
i mean, doesn't a cool blog kind of sound like an oxymoron?

there are some, though, that are sort of inaccessible to the rest of
us.  i visit them, because, well, they're just so darn cool, but rarely
leave a comment, as that would sort of be like ellie mae clampett
leaving her calling card for karen walker.

in my mind these women are all dressed in stella mccartney, listening
to paul mccartney, and gossiping about heather mccartney.  how
surprising when one of them posted a photo of herself!

i was expecting audrey hepburn, but instead the poor old thing
looked a lot like . . . me.

now i'm no great shakes to look at, as evidenced by the fun
dolphin photo.  well, that is actually the 'after' photo.  the
dolphins threw a fit when they saw how gorgeous we were.

they were all "take off that make up, slick back your hair, stuff
your wet suits to make you look chubby, and squint your eyes!"
so insecure.

the point is, it's more fun to be ourselves and try not to judge,
"for in the same way you judge others, you will be judged."
matthew 7:2

i'm feeling bad about the stuff i said about the dolphins.   they
were really super nice.