Wednesday, January 27, 2010

principles in peril?

dear emily,

hans and i had a disagreement about whether we would lay
down our principles in order to save our children. he is a man
of such integrity and honor that he could not fathom doing it.

i, on the other hand, said that i feared what i might be able to
do in protecting my children.  i promptly went through the ten
commandments in my mind and thought, "yep, i am capable
of breaking everyone, even making little idols of my little ones."

something transpired in my meek heart, once i had that first
baby;  a lioness replaced the lamb who had always ruled there.
i need the Lord to continually draw me near to keep her claws
under His rule.

when two women were fighting over a baby, king solomon
wisely said, "let's just cut it in half, and you can share him."
the authentic mother cried out at the thought and was willing
to give him up rather than injure him.

i cringe to think of giving up any of my precious ones, but i
need to be willing to do that, too, if it would save them from

so, here's a question:  what is the most extreme thing YOU would
be willing to do in order to save or feed your children?