Thursday, February 11, 2010

valentine's day tea

dear emily,

shelby, hailey, and i had such a fun time at your beautiful tea
party!  we especially loved our homemade valentines with the
childrens' photos.  your festive table was lovely, set with mixed
patterns of antique china, ropey red candles made my #2, and
colorful candies in gorgeous, earthy pottery.

my heart was warmed that #1 invited me to sit beside him, and
then leaned into me the whole time.  what an enchanting little

hans wanted me to tell #3 that he thought my hair looked so
pretty all pink, purple, and fluffy.  when she spied hailey's
mass of dark hair, she thrust her hands deep into it and said
very quietly, "this might hurt a little bit."

it was funny that when i asked if the kids had been learning any
valentine's verses, they all had blank looks on their faces.  but,
when you prompted them, "she means love verses," they perked
right up.  love is something they can boast about, even though,
"love does not boast!" 1 corinthians 13:4

the party's love theme was not diminished a bit by all the detailed
accounts of gory cuts, scrapes, stitches, staples, cracked heads, or
broken arms and legs.  after all, as #1 stated, "what's a party unless
you have really good stories?"

my favorite part?  sweet #4 signing for 'more' with little 'deedles',
crawling back and forth, trying to keep up with all the jumping,
catching, and twirling.  his chubby little arms were stretched out
longingly for the wiggly, flashing ball, and sure enough, #2 gave
his to him.  "love is patient, love is kind."  1 corinthians 13:4

a loving time was had by all,