Sunday, January 17, 2010

fun adventures

dear emily,

every morning when max awoke, the first thing he would
say was, "what fun stuff are we going to do today?"

how adorable is that?  just like his daddy!

it broke my heart to have to respond, "phonics."

it took him forever to learn the alphabet.  what did silly
letters have to do with running and jumping, playing in
the mud, or climbing trees? we learned letters on the
trampoline, in the play house,  on our bikes.

we finger painted letters, glued letters and shook sparkles
on them, i had planes write them on the sky...

one day, in desperation, i said, "if you will just say the
alphabet one time, i will take you to mcdonald's!"  he
promptly sang the entire song.

by the time we got to the multiplication tables, i was using

he recently sent me paschale's treatise on "why God?"  i
was never so proud to see letters put to such good use!


psalm 40  "i waited patiently for the Lord...and He heard
my cry."