Wednesday, April 14, 2010

april in paris

dear emily,

we just returned from a magical week in europe!  april in paris was the 
highlight, and we saved the eiffel tower for the last night to sear into our 
minds the gorgeous city of lights.  it was the lovely bells ringing through
out the city, though, that captured my heart.

we tried not to plan too much into each day to allow for some sponta-
neity, and truthfully, some of my favorite moments were accidents.  in 
trying to find the jewish district, we stumbled upon the magnificent
notre dame!  

our beloved uncle mat, who lived in paris for a few years,  graciously 
spent hours guiding shelby to the best shops, hotels, restaurants, and local 
bakeries.  i lost count of how many macarons i enjoyed from laduree but 
do know i tried vanilla, caramel, pistachio, chocolate, and raspberry. 

it is impossible to say what our favorite restaurant was, but chez georges
will always be a sweet memory, delighting us with everything from fois 
gras to chautaubriand.  if we hadn't walked miles and miles each day, we 
would have gained ten pounds!

we spent an entire day at the d'orsay and the louvre but could have
revisited each day for a month and not seen all the exquisite art.  hans
wanted to see normandy, and i wanted to see versailles, but that truly
was the dilemma.  so many exquisite places . . . so little time!  guess we
will just have to go back for another visit.  :)


"for from Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to Him be the
glory forever!"  romans 11: 36