Saturday, March 27, 2010

sports illustrated?

dear emily,

when i was a timid, young bride, my stomach would be tied
in knots before a business dinner or social function.  i fretted
about what i would talk about or what i would wear.

hans, who is a natural extrovert and completely comfortable
in any social environment, couldn't really understand my
worries.  "honey, you'll be fine.  they'll love you."

yeah right.

so, i took the matter into my own hands and began to read
"us news and world report" before each event.  this armed me
with some talking points, but i also quickly discovered that
most people are happy as clams to just talk about themselves.

and, of course, i bought a new suit (think armor not armani.)

when our oldest turned twelve, he no longer found me very
intelligent or interesting.  so i read "sports illustrated" to say
things during games like, "do you think he should hold for
one or take a look?"

desperate times call for desperate measures and "a good
sacrifice is not necessarily sound but leaves your opponent
dazed and confused."  (nigel short)


"i appeal to you . . . to present your bodies as a living sacrifice."
romans 12:1