Thursday, June 28, 2012

jack, the guard dog

dear emily,

i am in colorado with my dog jack, getting the house ready for hans and
the  kids.    my only rule is that jack is not allowed in the master bedroom.  
(i should say hans' rule that i am trying to support.)  even so, jack sneaks in
everyday with his ears tucked against his head only to be shooed out again.  
his perseverence is remarkable.

yesterday our property manager came to the house while i was running
errands, and he said that our guard dog was remarkable.

"guard dog?"

apparently jack growled and nipped at the poor man's heels, following
him throughout the house, and then ran in front of him to guard my
bedroom door.   he wouldn't let him in.  it seems that if jack isn't allowed
in, nobody else is either.



"the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and
forevermore."  psalm 121:8

ps.   everyone in colorado is desperate and thankful for your prayers
for rain.