Monday, August 16, 2010

bruce willis

ok, confession time.  i have a weakness for bruce willis.  i know, it's
embarrassing.  but after he made the film with the autistic boy and the
boy who saw dead people, i just had a soft spot for him.

his silly "die hard" movies seemed to come alive for me after that.   i
mean if a tough guy can be that kind to disturbed little boys and then
beat the 'you know what' out of bad guys, he's my kind of hero.

one Christmas, my son isaac gave me all three "die hards." i ought to
be humiliated by that, but instead i memorized many of the lines.

in "die hard 2" he is having a knock down fight with a bad guy on the
wing of a moving plane (seriously?)   after he receives an especially
mighty punch from bruce, the bad guy says, "i kinda' like you."

willis looks at him for a second and then says, "i got enough friends,"
and then pushes him into the engine turbine.  the moral of the story:
don't let your friends choose you, particularly if they are trying to kill

soooooo inspiring.  :)


"there are friends who pretend to be friends . . ." proverbs 18:24