Sunday, October 3, 2010

a fake and a fraud

i'm not a party girl, more of a wallflower, but we have hosted three
parties in as many weeks.  i feel like roadkill.

before each event, i have great intentions to clean my house from
top to bottom and bring order to my chaos but always end up
stuffing papers, shoes, and pillows into my office.

at the last party, and i mean the very LAST party,  my friend walked
into my dump office and came back to the table with a challenge to
my sainthood.  :)

"you are a fake and a fraud."

"what?"  i thought she was referring to the fake four carat canary
diamond on my happy finger.

"i read the post about your beautifully ordered office, and what i just
saw is a mess!  you are misleading your gentle readers."

whew!  the ring is safe for another day.   the office is . . . well,
just an office.


"but everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way."
I corinthians 14:40