Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dear Emily,

Colorful paper in piles on the floor.  Sweaters, socks,
and jammies in happy heaps nearby.  Books stacked
in towers of promise.  Tears of joy and sorrow linger.

Outside my kitchen window, the snowman leans
precariously for his lost glove.  The snow now a sweet
memory.  As are lost grandparents who, of course, are
not really lost but waiting in heavenly realms.

Angels singing, earth rejoicing.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Dear Emily,

I just happened upon this old blog and took
a trip down a winding, dusty road.  You know
what?  I encouraged myself.  How was I so
naive and full of hope? Where did my lilting,
winsome babble go?

No matter; I have grandchildren to restore it.
The Lord is so good at restoration.

"God will restore everything you lost; He'll
have compassion on you; He'll come back and
pick up the pieces from all the places where
you were scattered."  Deuteronomy 30:3

Our old precious pastor, Brother Bill, used to
warn us not to become 'weary in well doing.'
It just makes us wearier.

How do we become feistier in well doing?