Monday, August 30, 2010


dear emily,

i have already written a post on my precious mother in law, peggy, but
today she said so many darling 'peggy-isms' i had to pass them along.
hans and i were driving peggy and walt, my father in law, to see the
progress of the new "anthropologie" installation.  as we were passing
through one of the pretty neighborhoods on the way, peggy says,

"oh, look at those sweet naked ladies!"

hans almost had a wreck and was very disappointed to see that the
naked ladies were actually lovely pink flowers with no leaves.

en route, she also told us about a friend whose mother was a devoted
bridge player.  if she ever needed a fourth, the mother would call the
school to say that her daughter had a dentist's appointment.   then she
would send her chauffeur to pick up  the daughter and deliver her to
the bridge game, and no one thought a thing about it.  they probably
even let her have some sherry.

that story then somehow reminded peggy of her favorite little red sports
car on which she had a bumper sticker that said, "you toucha' my car, i
smasha' your face!"  apparently, in addition to the bumper sticker, one
night at the dinner table with her husband and FIVE sons, she read to
them the mafia application:

1.  what'sa your name-a'?
2.  what'sa your favorite-a' pasta?
3.  who'sa your momma'?

i know this is terribly politically incorrect, but she can DO these accents
hysterically well, having been trained to do so.

anyway, back to the "anthopologie" tour:

this amazing store  has a team of designers who fly from city to city to
oversee the installation of each store.  it was fascinating to see how clever
and creative the designers are.

these are just two examples of background displays inserted even before
the walls are painted or the reclaimed wood floors finished.  while we
were there, hans made his mom pose for a pic.  can you believe that
figure at 81?

here's another time she posed in a similar 'fashion'.  sorry it's so tiny and
blurry.  you can see lots of her movie photos here.

that'sa all i have to say about-a' that-a',

ps.  "when she heard in moab that the Lord had come to the aid
of His people, naomi and her daughters-in-law prepared to return
home."  ruth 1:4