Saturday, July 10, 2010

blog poser

dear emily,

every now and then i join "blessed is the kingdom" and repost an
old piece as a 'sabbath rest.'  i thought that a new blogger might be
encouraged by all the sweet comments i received after writing this.
the blogging community is extraordinarily generous in their help
to 'newbies.'

ok, i can't take the guilt any longer.  i am a blog poser.  i never even
visited a blog before i started pretending and even made fun of those
kind of people!

wait, that's not quite true, shelby had me read the pioneer woman's
love story, but that was really a western harlequin romance with
awesome recipes and beautiful pictures of super cute kids.

my friend margaret writes a funny, insightful blog about being single
in a crazy, married world.  i thought to myself, "i can do that.  i know
a little bit about raising a circus, i mean family."  next thing i knew, i
was a blog poser.

since then i have had a few entertaining comments, "i can't seem to
get you on my blog roll.  i guess i will just have to put you on my old
fashioned blog roll."  umm, ok.

...or, "i have tried to update you to my sidebar but can't seem to find
you.  do you have your blog set up to do a sitefeed or a feedburner?"
...  sidebar?  sitefeed??  FEEDBURNER???

the only feeding and burning i know is cattle, children, and trash.


". . . You have hidden these things from the wise and revealed them
to little children."  luke 10:21