Wednesday, March 21, 2012

bumper stickers

what is the deal with people who feel the need to put a gazillion
bumper stickers on their cars?   my response to the various ones
is completely dependent on my hunger.

google image

for instance, after a lovely walk at the river with one of my funny
friends, i will feel magnanimous toward the little white truck who
passes me.   if he then tells me to 'co-exist,' i will be more than
happy to do so.

if, however, i am an hour past my lunch hour and a red camaro
cuts in front of me at wendy's drive through, i will not be very
interested in 'co-existing.'  my temptation will be to tell him that
i really don't have a choice.   he has forced his existence on me
and made me wonder whether my existence is even on his radar.

what if, instead of on our cars, we had bumper stickers on our
'bumpers?'  most of them would probably read: "i exist for me."
mine might say, "no, i have not missed any meals."

what would you like your 'bumper' sticker to say?


"by this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love
one another."  john 13:35