Saturday, January 23, 2010

a sound of music birthday

dear emily,

i just received a 'brown paper package all tied up with string', and
stickers, and pretty tape from shelby for my birthday (51!).  she has
always been incredibly thoughtful and artistic with gifts and their

the brown paper package gathered me right to maria from "the
sound of music."  she made the most profound impact on my young
life, and my children will tell you that they have nightmares about
all the songs from that musical.  'how do you solve a problem like
my mother?'

their mother would spontaneously rapture about 'confidence in
sunshine' on a beautiful day and they would want to go back
inside.  at the end of the day, she just couldn't keep herself from
singing, 'there's a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the
hall' and they would run madly to their rooms to escape her.

she ruined their hikes by exploding, 'high on a hill was a lonely
goatherd' and 'climb every mountain.'

the sad truth for my children is that there is a song for every
aspect of life.  i wonder if any other children have called
DHS for being 'sound of musiced' to death...

'i must have had a wicked childhood',