Thursday, September 2, 2010

the perfect day!

my perfect day would begin at 7:30 a.m. when  my eyes would pop
open a few minutes before hans' alarm beeps.  i would hop out of
bed to his surprise saying,

"oh my gosh, i slept nine straight hours and had the sweetest dreams
about my grandma goldie!"

sipping my perfectly brewed vanilla bean latte, i would flip open my
laptop and then close it again and flip open my bible instead to the
psalms.  i would be reminded and then grateful for the Lord's love for
me and, lo and behold, an incredible post would float into my head.

hans kisses me goodbye, and now i begin typing.  oh, the heart stirring
eloquence and funny anecdotes that would drip from my fingers!

time to meet one of my dear friends at the gym to run for 30 minutes,
complete four intervals of 20 reps on every machine, and a cartwheel.
from here i would surrender to my masseuse for an hour followed by
some time with my manicurist and hair stylist.  when i try to pay them,
the owner would say,

"you have been such a long and faithful patron, we want to  'comp'
this today."  sigh

i glide into whole foods with one of my 1,000 memorized recipes in mind
and am able to fit all that i need into two extremely light bags.  when back
home, i am pleasantly surprised to see that it is beautifully decorated by
ralph lauren.  the groceries magically wash, dice, and throw  themselves
into a pot of savory broth to simmer all afternoon.

after exchanging two or three delightful phone calls and emails, i will hit
the shower and put on a favorite lily pulitzer, which is a tiny bit snug in
the  bust and loose through the hips.

hans would then walk back in the door and say,

"why don't we watch all the pbs 'pride and predjudice' episodes back
to back?"

one can dream. :)   what's your perfect day?


ps.  "I will maintain my love to him forever."  psalm 89:28