Sunday, January 9, 2011

the year in review

dear emily,

it made my heart sing to hear (wow, i just saw that 'hear' is the
root of 'heart') that matt called hans to talk about our 'year in
review.'  my children have the wisest father, who is more given
to them than any father i have ever known.

the year in review is a great example of that.  every january, he
spends time with each of the kids talking about the milestones of
the year before.  they all groan about it, but once the memories
start flowing, it becomes a valuable way to say, "look what the
Lord has done."  the groans yield to tears and laughter.

it is also a time to show how He has knit our hearts together
through the difficult and happy moments.  even though each of
our children has unique gifts and dreams and live miles away
from us and each other, we want their hearts to remain linked.

we have seen how time and miles have unraveled families, and
we want to oppose that.  when i am a great-grandmother, and i
plan to be a GREAT grandmother, i hope to hear my children
and their children laughing and roughhousing in the background
as their father takes them one by one to remember the goodness
of the Lord in the previous year.


"the Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with
joy!"  psalm 126:3