Monday, March 8, 2010

dear emily,

my post on dinner time has convicted me of something.  it is
just too easy to see the deficiencies in our children, bad eating
habits, for instance, and overlook the weaknesses in ourselves.

what have i been eating lately?  first of all, way too much t.v.!
my grandmother called it the 'boob tube' because of its ability
to waste our time and its total lack of purpose.  she spent her
time reading, studying, writing, teaching, and gardening. you
can read about her in the following post.

i also feed myself too many negative thoughts.    if i used my
healthy imagination in the manner of c.s. lewis or lewis carroll,
i might have something wonderful to show for it.  instead, i
have needless wrinkles to prove what lies within me.

ralph waldo emerson said, "what lies behind us and what lies
before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us."

my young friend liz wrote a disarming piece on the joy set
before Jesus.  she said that instead of focusing on our
suffering, we should set our eyes on the prize.

when asked what food He had to eat, Jesus said, "i have
food that you know nothing about...My food is to do the
work of Him who sent Me..." john 4:32, 34

now that is something to feast upon.  it's amazing how much
of the bible is devoted to banquets and feasting.  how did we
ever let ourselves focus so on the fasting?


myletterstoemily: nine lives

myletterstoemily: nine lives