Sunday, February 26, 2012

girl scout cookies

oh dear, you probably thought i was selling samoas.   sorry!

my intention was to let you in on one of my personal dilemmas.
last week my loving husband was lecturing sharing with me
his problem with the girl scouts.

how could anyone have a conflict with the girl scouts?"

i told him i was completely conflicted out on this matter, because i
had already sponsored a couple of chairs at our local girl scout fund
raiser, which his darling niece was 'chairing.'

what i didn't admit was that our freezer was filled with thin mints
and samoas.  

google image

anyway, after wise and precious husband instructed shared his
thoughts on the girls scouts, we were hanging out with our girl
scouts.  the youngest one, who had brought over girl scout cookies
to her father's dismay, scolded her big brother.

"hey, big guy, go easy on those thin mints!  they're not oreos."


"so whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for
God's glory."  1 corinthians 10:31