Monday, January 25, 2010

she takes the prize

dear emily,

if you can imagine a dark haired 'lucy' who sings as well as
ricky, then you know my friend b.  i walk with her every week,
and always say the same thing to hans that evening, "b. is like
good medicine to my soul."  she makes me laugh, cry, and want
to do...well, MORE!

we knew each other in high school but were very different from
each other.  she was so zealous for the Lord that she fasted 'make
up' on friday, while i was  more concerned about whether i had
a date on friday.  she never  held that against me, though, which
is one of  the things i love about her.

when everyone else went to college, she headed for an israeli
kibbutz and fell in love with m.  after he asked her to marry
him, she said, and i quote, "i bear witness to that."

how romantic.  :)

they promptly had six kids, all at home in a party-like atmosphere.
mine were born in a hospital in an anesthetic laced atmosphere.

she recently tested out of college without ever having taken a
single class and is now getting her masters in biblical studies.
have you ever heard of such a thing?

what an inspiration "to press on toward the goal to win the
prize..." philippians 3:14