Saturday, May 15, 2010

a cuss word saved my daughter's life

before i tell my scandalous story, i have to give vickie at sandflat farms
all the credit for my disclaimers.  she penned a 'tail' about a vicious vole
that still makes me chuckle.

please be advised that you will encounter some graphic language in my
tale today, so please have the kiddies move away from the computer.  if
you are squeamish, sunday schoolish, or school marmish, you might
want to go with them.

we had just finished a delicious feast of mexican enchiladas, all eight
children were safely seat belted into my stretch suburban, and i was
checking one more time in the rear view mirror before backing out of
the parking lot.

laughter and happy chatter filled the car, as i caught a glimpse of four
year old hailey in the very back row.  she was choking on one of the
after dinner mints.

"ok, everybody out!"  i couldn't have possibly reached her without
crushing the four little bodies in the middle row of seats.

no one even heard me.  they just kept giggling and squealing, and i
felt panic rising in my throat.

"i mean it, get out!"  again, no response.

by now, i was out and opening the back seat door.

"get out of the damn car!!!"   seven pairs of little jaws dropped open
and legs scampered out just in time for me to pull hailey over the
seat and perform the heimlich maneuver on her.

out popped the mint, and before i could say, "thank you, Lord,"
five little voices said, "mom, you said a bad word!"  i'm sure they
were enjoying cheerful visions of soap in my mouth.

here's the moral of the story:  because my children had never heard
me use coarse language,  the shock of that cuss word saved my baby
girl's life.


"let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that
which is good to the use of edifying . . ."   (or saving lives :)
ephesians 4:29