Monday, May 3, 2010

shelby kate

twenty four years ago i gave birth to the prettiest little raven haired
angel.  for three days i played baby doll with her in the hospital,
dressing her in a different adorable smocked gown several times
a day.  i just couldn't believe she was mine.

since then she has amazed us with her sweet spirit and capacity to
accomplish everything from medicine to embroidery.  she has the
confidence to correct doctors  but the compassion to serve unwed

i wrote about her strong will six months ago, but i didn't mention what
a lovely young lady she has become.

shelby has the most tender heart.  that heart has cared for countless
babies and helped many young mommies deliver their babies.  she even
took my 18 year old baby into her home for this school year.

those two have the sweetest of relationships, and it has been a wonder
to behold them both benefit from this special year together.

but, shelby's husband dan really deserves the medal of honor.   as they
were leaving the first day to embark on the odyssey, shelby said, "dan,
have you seen my cell phone?"  only seconds before hailey said, "dan,
do you know where my keys are?"  poor guy.

he is a prince, and he has wisely chosen a woman "worth far more than
rubies."  proverbs 31: 10

happy birthday, sweet girl.