Tuesday, October 12, 2010

waitin' for the car wash

when our son max was only three or so, i took him with me to drive through
the car wash, thinking he would get a kick out of the giant scrubbers, multi-
colored rubber strips, and soapy water.

wrong.  it terrified him.  i guess he thought it was attacking us, which is totally
understandable, since he always knew the fourth of july fireworks were aimed
straight at us.  don't even get me started about the circus or the rodeo!

but, i digress from the car wash.  hans has been doing an informal survey and
maintains most women will wait until the car in front pulls completely out
before we enter.  we, apparently don't understand that the wash is set to dry
the first car while foaming the second car.   uh huh.

before he could further explain the brilliant engineering of automatic car washes,
i interrupted.  "i have noticed that most men will practically push my car out
while it's still my turn."

reminds me of little boys who can't wait their turn for the water fountain.  :)


"i am waiting for the Lord, my soul is waiting for Him, and my hope is in
His word."  psalm130:5