Sunday, January 3, 2010

quintessentially emily

dear emily,

i have a small dictionary of interesting words that intrigue me.
unfortunately, i rarely use them, because it would seem pretentious.

however, i can't seem to help myself from saying that you are the
quintessential renaissance mom.  your wisdom and intelligence are
met by kindness and vulnerability.

like the famous woman from proverbs, you stay up late and rise
early to see to the needs of your lively family.  your hands are
always busy, making lovely clothes and wholesome, delicious
meals for your children, crafts for your home, and gifts for your
lucky friends.

your husband is respected in the gates of the city and blessed
beyond measure with your goodness.

your children have been raised with exceptional love, foresight,
and creativity.  i'm sure they will all become spiritually sensitive and
artistic scientists. :)

the poor in spirit receive benevolence from your kitchen and
generosity from your heart.

well done,